Data’s New Wave: How The Co-Op Model Is Reshaping AdTech and MarTech

About the EBook

Most AdTech and MarTech companies rely on data to power their products and platforms. But you don’t just need more data, you need greater accuracy and a more open, transparent data ecosystem, one that allows publishers, platforms, and service providers to compete against big data companies like the Big Five: Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. You need a data source that also sets higher standards for privacy, validation, verification –– even pricing.

The Five By Five Data Co-op is changing the game in how personal data is captured, shared, sold, and validated while shifting the balance of power in the industry. And presenting better options for growing technology.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • The pitfalls of the data brokerage model

  • How the Five By Five Data Co-Op works

  • Use cases and benefits for co-op members

  • The future of open-source data

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