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Explore how the Data Co-Op performs against one of the top global marketing technologies.
A better way to source data for your products .
Eliminate the chaos of data sourcing and get it directly from its origin through the 5x5 data cooperative.
Compliance and Security
Introducing the 5x5 Data Co-Op
Unlocking the Power of Data Origins Together
We have assembled all the sources eliminating the need to individually obtain data from each source. Companies often have disparate data sets that can be complementary to each other. In a world where you can combine these datasets and produce something greater than the sum of its parts, the sourced data becomes transformative for growth. The co-op connects a diverse array of data sources and platforms, giving you the key to creating data products faster and seamlessly.
Unlimited access to your data assets
Unlock your full potential through unlimited access to consumption validated data with flexible delivery options.
Monthly Updates and Delivery
Ensure your data is as up to date as possible with comprehensive monthly delivery enabling informed decision-making and promoting the cooperative's effectiveness and value.
Member-driven Data Strategy
Empowering members with ownership, control, and decision-making authority over their data, fostering trust, collaboration, and tailored solutions within the cooperative.
We are looking for strategic members to help build the most powerful data cooperative in the world. If this is interesting to you, contact the founders here.
The Most Powerful Data Acquisition Machine-In The Market.
Our members are part of the data sourcing process and ecosystem. Collectively the Co-Op has become more powerful than any one provider or partner could be on their own.