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Unleash the True Power of Your Audience
Maximize your reach and engagement with our audience activation platform, designed to help you connect with your target audience more accurately than ever.
Bring your audience to life.
Create personalized and engaging experiences that resonate with your audience and inspire action by reaching the right people at the right time. With our approach to audience activation, gain valuable insights into your audience's preferences, behaviors, and needs to drive results.
Hedge Against Current Data Providers
Streamline your data sourcing with foundational assets that go beyond the single-threaded realm of data providers
Unlimited Campaign Validated Data
Higher quality data enables you to implement higher converting campaigns that result in more leads.
Friendly Licensing Terms and Fixed Costs
Don’t limit the quality and quantity of your campaigns with a fixed number of data consumption credits.
Engage your audience like never before
Get an edge using the Data Co-Op...
Build powerful multi-channel strategies by targeting mobile devices in-app via MAID.

Capture customers with intentional multi-channel strategies by targeting the device they use most. Additionally, have the strategic advantage, efficiency and depth of insights in audience creation.

Target audiences with specific attributes to drive audience reach and advertising results with the depth of data needed for accurate segmentation.

Have the ability to front-run in-market prospects at a fixed cost by creating accurate target audiences on the demand side, encouraging a broader, more versatile selection of audiences at lower bidding costs on the supply side.

Remarket to live look-alike audiences and identify key prospects

Equip your clients with a clear path to ideal customer profiles in segmented and look-alike audiences, where outreach can be strategically tailored to drive conversion.

Convert and monetize target audiences with precision, to drive results in campaigns.

Being educated on your target audience is fundamental to nurturing prospects. Empower your clients with direct access to exclusive Co-Op data that can’t be bought or sold.