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Fraud Identification
Protect your bottom-line and focus on what matters.
Fraud takes many forms and linking the device & IP address to an individual is challenging. We power platforms that need to identify and rid themselves of fraudulent transactions, media buys, and a wide range of use cases important to you and your business.
Over 10 billion MAID/HEM pairs, 50 billion email signals annually with deterministic signals on them all.
We have done it via our “Super Cookie” and Identity Graph capabilities. By owning all of our data and a tech stack to validate the user and derivate validation elements we give you the upper-hand on fraud.
Hedge Against Current Data Providers
Streamline your data sourcing with foundational assets that go beyond the single-threaded realm of data providers
Unlimited Identity data
High quality multi-channel validation with rich PII and digital attribution.
Friendly Licensing Terms and Fixed Costs
Don’t limit the quality and quantity of your campaigns with a fixed number of data consumption credits.
Protect the Bottom-line
Get an edge using the Data Co-Op...
Collect data on identified users from all channels where we tie all profiles to a universal ID, storing both online and offline data with no expiration.

Expand your business capabilities by eliminating the risk of cyber, financial, and identity crimes through validated profiles and ensured transparency with Co-Op data. Additionally train your models to identify patterns and anomalies that might not be detected using traditional methods.

Effective fraud provision through comprehensive identity enabling streamlined transactions

Fraudulent activities can consume resources and divert attention away from core business activities. Focus on revenue-generating activities and significant financial losses, whether this is through direct theft, indirect charge-back, or insurance premiums.

New approach to fraud prevention and identity verification

Through the combination of offline and online data elements, we provide a unique approach to fraud prevention and identity verification