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Intercept top talent by leveraging data that cannot be bought
Understand and acquire your "Ideal Candidate Profile" through monthly updated records including behavioral, demographic, geographic, and economic attributes with 100% fill rate on First/Last name, B2B emails, and job titles.
The Best Data Cannot Be Bought.
Streamline prospect sourcing by taking advantage of next-level data insights to improve your qualification process and hiring decisions.
Hedge Against Current Data Providers
Streamline your data sourcing with foundational assets that go beyond the single-threaded realm of data providers.
Directly Connect With Top Talent Prospects
Having an accurate representation of the perfect hire enables you to implement a more efficient qualification process and improve hiring decisions.
Friendly Licensing Terms and Fixed Costs
Don’t miss your opportunity at the perfect hire with a fixed number of data consumption credits.
Power in Community, Precision in Data
Get an edge using the Data Co-Op...
Achieve the depth of understanding needed to acquire elite talent

Refine the quality of hires and accelerate the hiring process by filtering out candidates not matching your ideal candidate profile.

Target candidates with specific attributes to drive talent acquisition reach at a fixed cost.

Have the ability to front-run and intercept ideal candidates at a fixed cost. By implementing an intentional, smart talent acquisition strategy, optimize your cost-per-hire, and streamline the recruiting process.

Take talent acquisition marketing to the next level

Invest in accurate data to have a clear path to perfect candidate for the job position, reducing new hire failure rates.

Build your dream company culture with the right hires

Being educated on your ideal candidate profile is fundamental to nurturing top talent prospects fit for your company culture. Empower your recruitment strategy with direct access to exclusive Co-Op data that can’t be bought or sold.