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Our Story
Going Beyond the
Single-threaded Data Ecosystem
At 5x5, we believe the current data supply chains are at risk. Data-driven companies are frustrated by traditional data brokers and aggregators providing limited access to incomplete and stale data.

As a result, we obsessed to create a better way to source data, giving companies an edge and a hedge to their data supply approach. Our primary focus is to ensure our members have 100% control of the data they need to expand revenue opportunities and scale data product capabilities without being held hostage by the information aristocracy.
Essentially we saw a need in the market for controlling first-party data and acquiring customers via digital channels. Therefore, we wanted to create an unbelievable data asset we controlled, giving us the ability to build and implement digital insight products.
Through the Data Co-op, 5x5 has figured out how to aggregate and take ownership of a tremendous amount of raw materials, becoming the world's leading data cooperative.
Our Leadership Team
Our team’s sole goal is to provide our members with the most reliable data
assets to help build their company.
Nick Weldon
Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Brian Perks
Co-Founder / Chief Innovation Officer
Tim Crown
Chairman & Co-Founder
Julie Rosingol
Chief Financial Officer
Garth Moulton
SVP of Community
Geoff Baillie
VP of Engineering
Ted West
VP of Partner Development
Jake Rudolph
Head of Digital Delivery
Logan Ott
Head of Digital Insights
Norma Leach
Director of Operations
Isabel Deutsch
Head of Marketing Ops
Nik Theus
Head of System Operations
Sahil Sankhla
Head of Data Engineering
Andrea Kalmans
Board Advisor
Our Vision
To become the most trusted Data Ecosystem in the world.
Our Values
Bring your resolve and strength of character to any situation until it is figured out.
Every person deserves to be treated with respect. We emphasize this within our culture and with our members.
We seek creativity and open-mindedness in every project or opportunity to accelerate innovation and results.
We always explore for where we can help, add value, and support our members.
We value putting in the time earn your point of view and providing an enviroment for growth in every aspect.
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