📢 Exciting News! 🎉 5x5 just announced our new integration with Aqfer. Check out the game-changer in the world of data collaboration! 🤝🌐
Empower your ABM platform with crisp B2B data at a fixed cost.
Enable clients to personalize and scale their marketing strategies by providing the ability to identify and engage high-value accounts with fresh B2B data.
The Best Data Cannot Be Bought.
Leverage our linkages between all identifiers of a high-value prospect and achieve a deeper understanding of prospective accounts and contacts, fueling account-based marketing frameworks.
Hedge Against Current Data Providers
Streamline your data sourcing with foundational assets that go beyond the single-threaded realm of data providers
Improve Core Data Capabilities
By leveraging our Data Ecosystem of Partners to provide access to the core capabilities your clients will need from you.
Friendly Licensing Terms and Fixed Costs
Don’t limit the quality and quantity of your campaigns with a fixed number of data consumption credits.
Power in Community, Precision in Data
Get an edge using the Data Co-Op...
Empower your clients with direct access to exclusive Co-Op data that can’t be bought or sold.

Have the ability to front-run in-market prospects at a fixed cost by directly reaching high value accounts and run a consistent sales cycle experience.

Identify key accounts and filter by what’s most important to sales.

Pinpoint high-value accounts and accelerate the sales process by filtering and focusing on the ideal revenue-generating accounts.

Achieve the crispness and depth of data to set marketing and sales strategies for success

Equip your clients with the data needed to customize and scale their marketing and sales strategies. With B2B data being updated monthly, access always-on B2B data linkages to optimize results.