📢 Exciting News! 🎉 5x5 just announced our new integration with Aqfer. Check out the game-changer in the world of data collaboration! 🤝🌐
Harness the power of validated data from hundreds of thousands of campaigns
Drive leads by leveraging campaign-validated data confirmed by thousands of agencies without being limited by data consumption credits.
The Best Data Cannot Be Bought.
Get unlimited access to over 90M phone numbers and 133M B2B emails, validated through hundreds of thousands of campaigns per month and inaccessible by the current data provider market.
Hedge Against Current Data Providers
Streamline your data sourcing with foundational assets that go beyond the single-threaded realm of data providers
Unlimited Campaign Validated Data
Higher quality data enables you to implement higher converting campaigns that result in more leads.
Friendly Licensing Terms and Fixed Costs
Don’t limit the quality and quantity of your campaigns with a fixed number of data consumption credits.
Power in Community, Precision in Data
Get an edge using the Data Co-Op...
Tap into the feedback of hundreds of thousands of campaigns being run each month

Align your strategy with the freshest data to generate high-quality lead opportunities and acquisition. Additionally, gain direct access to email exhaust that is unavailable to the third-party data provider market.

Access 133M B2B Email Profiles & 90M Phone Numbers

Expand your demand generation capabilties by leveraging validated email profiles and unique phone dials.

Remarket to live look-alike audiences and identify key prospects

Equip your clients with a clear path to ideal customer profiles in segmented and look-alike audiences, where outreach can be strategically tailored to drive conversion.

Convert and monetize target audiences with precision, to drive results in campaigns.

Being educated on your target audience is fundamental to nurturing prospects. Empower your clients with direct access to exclusive Co-Op data that can’t be bought or sold.