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IP to Company
Elevate your data strategy with IP to Company linkages
Our IP to Company data is validated monthly by evaluating extensive transactional business data contributed by Co-Op members.
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IP to Company Product Story
Expand your reach beyond just the IP Address at a fixed cost.
The best data cannot be bought or sold.

Get access to IP to Company data traditional vendors and providers cannot get their hands on, enabling you to build and execute optimal data strategies with the ultimate barter data.
Our Data
Streamline your data sourcing with foundational assets that go beyond the single-threaded realm of outdated data providers.
IP to Company Counts
Version: 2.9.0
IP to Company Schema Extract
IPv4 or IPv6 IP Address
Domain of the company defined by business email.
The percentatge of domains associated with a given IP for the IP to Company Product
Unique value for a company id tied to company identifier
total number of domains seen in association with the defined feature
The Co-Op has been tracking +3 million IP to Company pairs and +33M IP addresses on a monthly basis.
IP to Company Schema Extract
Accurate attributes for cross-walking against existing data and adding net-new features.
Tag Contribution for Metadata
Triangulate and improve your data as well as the Co-op's by using our tag capability for metadata contribution.
Use Cases
High Quality Data = High Quality Products
Scale data strategy without the exponential costs. Harness the full power of our IP to Company data asset and expand your business capabilities.
Audience Creation
Inject high-quality data and intelligence into your advertising and demand-side platform (DSPs). Target audiences with specific attributes to drive audience reach and advertising results.
Fraud Prevention
Discover and identify emerging fraud anomalies with verified IP addresses linked to a company domain.
Identity Linkage
Achieve the depth of data you need for accurate segmentation, including behavioral, demographic, geographic, and end economic attributes.
Access the Most reliable IP to Company data asset.
We deliver 100% of records.
Access to the most reliable IP to Company Data updated monthly at a fixed cost.
Uncover your full business potential by harnessing the power of our IP to Company domain linkages to accurately identify employees and potential B2B prospects
Fullfill Data Supply Needs
By leveraging the IP to Company data acquisition machine & contributions by member, fix your data supply needs
Improve Core Data Capabilities
By leveraging our Data Ecosystem of Partners to provide access to the core capabilities your clients will need from you.
State-of-the-Art Tech Stack
By leveraging our Graph Database ensures you have the most sophisticated technology tech stack available.
Compliance & Security
Five by Five is CCPA compliant and GDPR aligned so you can relax. All data is encrypted during transport and at rest, plus we have implemented 2-FA for all employees to reduce third-party exposure.
Achieve Data Nirvana
Data Maturity Model

How advanced are your data capabilities? Unlock new insights and innovations by leveraging the Data Co-Op IP to Company data. We work with you to turn your data dreams into reality, no matter your data maturity.

Discover where your organization falls on the maturity arc.

Core Acquisition Framework: “The Machine”

The following is our Core Data Acquisition Framework where each ring represents a key component to how we acquire data:

  • Signals & validation

    Our first foundational component of our data acquisition framework built on top of our member contributed, online and offline, assets.

  • Insights & digital linkages

    Powerful and unique linkages by combining our graph database and digital linkage crosswalk files.

  • with the machine…

    Systematize Large Scale Data Acquisition, obtain predictable Processing Costs, achieve diversity of Data without the need to change the flow and have a inverse relationship between our increasing data ingest and costs.

Data Supply Chain Management

Our back-end platform designed to handle ingest, transform and score 30 Billion+ inbound signals daily. As a member, use one platform to build, deploy, and manage your data supply chain and get access to our elite collection of trusted partners to enhance your business objectives.

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